niedziela, 14 maja 2017

Poetry of everyday life

I must confess I am not a big poetry fan..  At school, when we used to analyze poems, it just.. didn't interest me at all. For me it was like reading labels on food products. I was never inspired, and I would never say "What a beautiful poem" because for me it was nothing but some words put together pretending to be something exceptional.. Music is inspirational, painting as well, but poetry - is not.
And finally, after all those years of not appreciating poetry, I found out that there is a kind of poems that may interest me and may touch my emotions as well, which for me - was highly unexpected. That is the poetry of everyday life. For the first time, I discovered it when watching "Paterson" at the cinema, a film directed by Jim Jarmusch. It was a really profound experience as the film is very tranquil and has a lot of space, in contrast to other modern films. The action is really slow and everything is about beauty of everyday life. As I used to forget that this kind of beauty exists, for me it was a moment to stop and think, and it encouraged me to appreciate every little moment more.
Anyway, the most beautiful moments were those ones when main caracter recited his poems inspired on William Carlos Williams poetry, who was the first to discover this style of writing. Everything accompanied by airy, tranquil music..

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