poniedziałek, 29 maja 2017

Has something changed so far?

Yesterday I thought I should go back to what I wrote in January about my... New Year's resolutions! Yip, it's not an hallucination, I might be one of those never satisfyied people who think about this stuff in May. Let's see what were those things I decided to improve:

What is more, I would like to share with you some of my New Year resolutions:
1. To do more painting
2. To do more sport
3. To do more music
4. To focus less on my imperfections and to appreciate more myself
5. To study more.....
6. To spend less time online
7. To not complain about the weather
8. To be more spontaneous
 ( Jan 9th, 2017)

Thinking out loud I must admit that I managed to do most of this stuff so far! I remember complaining about weather in April but hey, who didn't! It was more than awful 😂. Anyway, there is still much to do but I feel okay with what I've done so far. I know I will have much more time to do all this stuff when this semester ends, can't wait for it. This year, in contrast to what happened in previous years, I hope to pass every exam in June. Fingers crossed! 😊
But I'm still not that spontaneous as I would like to be!
Oh, and I have studied more even though I didn't want that previously.. Good job, me!

niedziela, 28 maja 2017

Translating poetry

Today I decided to have some fun (?) and translate some italian poetry into english. Of course, there are many other ways you can have fun, real fun, but still.. I love challenges!
I have chosen a poem of a great romantic poet Giovanni Pascoli entitled Sogno (en. Dream). Here is original text followed by my clumsy translation (please don't judge me 😊):


Per un attimo fui nel mio villaggio,
nella mia casa. Nulla era mutato
Stanco tornavo, come da un vïaggio;
stanco, al mio padre, ai morti, ero tornato.

Sentivo una gran gioia, una gran pena;
una dolcezza ed un’angoscia muta.
– Mamma?-È là che ti scalda un po’ di cena-
Povera mamma! e lei, non l’ho veduta.


For a moment I was in my village,
in my house. Nothing has changed
I have been coming back tired, as if from a trip;
tired, to my father, to the dead, I was back.

I felt great joy, great sorrow
gentleness and mute distress.
–Mom? - She's over there, warming up some supper-
Poor mom! And she didn't see that.

piątek, 26 maja 2017

Mother's day in Poland

 💮🥀💮🥀 💮🥀💮🥀 💮🥀💮🥀 💮🥀💮🥀 💮🥀💮🥀 💮🥀💮🥀 💮🥀💮🥀

Happy Mother's Day to every mother! 😊😊
Today it is Mother's Day in Poland! It is a perfect occasion to reminiscent on our mothers and everything we can be grateful them for. In the streets I have seen many people carrying flowers or other gifts, and it made me think that even though we may have disagreements or arguments with our mothers, we never forget about them in days like this. We want them to feel special to us and to feel loved. And what makes a better occasion to give flowers and sweets to a women? Except for women's day - we are considering mothers only at the moment 😋

💮🥀💮🥀💮🥀💮🥀 💮🥀💮🥀 💮🥀💮🥀 💮🥀💮🥀 💮🥀💮🥀 💮🥀💮🥀

środa, 24 maja 2017

La La Land (spoiler alert)

I've just watched La la Land and it's such a lovely film! Some would tell me that it was boring but.. In my opinion it just has loads of space in it. And that's what makes this film so fantastic. I love movies that let us stop and forget about our everyday lives, but in a very calm and relaxing way. I also cried every second scene and that's something positive too! I managed to kill two birds with one stone: not only I watched something gripping and charming, but I also gave vent to my emotions which is very important; we should remember that sadness is something we first must let ourselves experience so later we can let it go and forget. And films make a perfect opportunity to do so!
I must also add that the last scene literally killed me! Why couldn't they be together? And live happily ever after? It's not fair. They would make such a beautiful couple of artists!
Oh, and all that jazz! So delightful! I just love this genre, it's perfect. It has always been my dream to become jazz musician as well. This film just strucked too many of my responsive chords (not only those related to music), so I am currently feeling positively devastated 😊.

In terms of jazz - "maybe it's dying but not on my watch" (an imprecise quotation of Sebastian's words). Nowadays people just became too lazy to even try to understand this beautiful and complex kind of music! Yes - we are a "fast and easy society"; we love fast food and easy money, we hate anything that comes slow and it difficult to obtain. We see, we buy, we want everything RIGHT NOW. I am not that type of person, I'm in love with waking up an hour earlier just to look through the window and sip my morning coffee, then I eat my breakfast for another hour, etc. I just hate being in rush, it makes me feel sick. And that's why I love the process of building, learning, etc. And for any musician - jazz is the hardest thing to learn.

Now you may reflect on, and listen to a masterpiece of a polish jazz-pianist, Leszek Możdżer playing with some international friends 😊. Enyoj!

P.S. I am going to buy a chello and.. I am goind to play it!!  It has been on my to do list for TOO MANY YEARS now!

wtorek, 23 maja 2017

What happened in Manchester

Is it the way we are forced to live now? Waiting for another strike and fearing not to be another victim of this sick ideology? There is really nothing european governments can do about it all? They wont take any extreme measures because it may be politically incorrect? And when will Europe stop reveicing migrants from Africa and Asia Minor? A very large majority of them doesn't even come here to work, they don't even want to assimilate. They want US to deny who we are and what we believe in, they wont let themselves be treated as subjects.
The guy who carried out suicidal attack in Manchester was at my age. And even though he was an european he didn't consider himself as such. Because being born here doesn't mean much. It doesn't mean much to grow in this culture and live amongst  those people who you were allowed to. For many of you it will be something new but they believe to go to haeven after having killed a Christian. This is a high-end prize for extreme muslim.
Thank God our government refused to receive a single refugee.

poniedziałek, 22 maja 2017

The death of Chris Cornell

A few days ago we lost one of the most talendet vocalists of our times. Chris Cornell was a lead singer of two well-known american bands: Soundgarden and Audioslave. For the first time I came across his music time when I was around twelve. He comitted suicide at the age of 52.
I often wonder what makes people kill themselves. Is it the grey everyday life they can't stand anymore? Or is it because of more complex emotions they can't manage with? It's easy to tell "I am currently feeling suicidal" but there must be some deep and dark dimention of this feeling that makes people loose interest in their lives. Unfortunately, for many who reach that point there is no return. What an overwhelming feeling it must be when you loose every little spark of hope. Seriously, what does it feel not to wish for sunshine anymore?

środa, 17 maja 2017

It's not easy peasy lemon squeezy anymore...

Why is studying so hard.. Or should I ask: why is being a student so tough. I remember being at this point only 3-4 months ago. I mean, exams. And with every passing year it becames worse and worse. Or is it only me being less and less resistant? Or is it the fact that not only there is much more to do but also I am always more and more.. and more tired of everything related with studying? Hope not, because I still want to complete one or two additional university courses. We will see. Now it's not the best moment to reflect about those things.
Thank God I've already planned a trip to Italy (yes, another one) with my friend Olga! We are going to have our stronghold in Bologna and from that point we will be making our excursions to nearby locations like San Marino, Rimini, etc. Thank God only 4 weeks left!!