niedziela, 12 listopada 2017

Sky Walk

Recently I have been to a very special place called Stezka w oblacich (in english Sky Walk) which is a lookout point situated in Lower Morava in Czech Republic. The construction is all made of wood and metal and reaches the hight of 1171m above sea level (being located on a 1116m high hill). From my experience, it's best to visit this place during the spring or the summer. As I have been there in the november, the weather was rather harsh: there was a strong, cold wind. Even though, the wievs were still beautiful: at least the fog wasn't very dense so we could admire the Lower Morava Valley without any obstacles. I would certainly recommend this place to those who love the mountains but do not have enought willpower to reach the top of a mountain: the Sky Walk is easily accessible; there is a cable railway leading directly to the hilltop.

sobota, 4 listopada 2017

My master's thesis

Today I would like to tell about my master's thesis subject as, in my opinion, it is a very unusual thing. The tittle reads as follow: 'Language of videogamers'. I have chosen this subject because videogaming is my hobby; especially when I was younger I used to play a lot - now I have less time that I could dedicate for it.

In this work I would like to analyze the way of speaking and writing of people who play videogames, such as League of Legends, Warcraft, etc. In summary, I will describe the mecanics of games I am taking into consideration, make a transcription of some videos on Youtube showing people playing these games in multiplayer mode, analyze articles written by videogamers about gaming strategies, giving advices for begginers and reviewing new games on market, and much more.

Obviously, the work will be all written in Italian and, what is more, will concern the language of videogamers coming from Italy.

There is a lot of things to do, and being honest, I haven't started yet. I hope to have my masters thesis's discussion in June or July. Wish me luck! :-)

poniedziałek, 30 października 2017

All Saints' Day in Poland

All Saints' Day in Poland is celebrated on the 1 of November. Because it is a non-working day, many people spend it going to cemeteries and, in general, commemorating their beloved ones who passed away. There is an universal practice consisting in lighting candles on graves, which, accordingly to what is said, are to bring relief to the dead. The festivity is strongly connected with Christian faith and was first introduced to honor every Christian that reached the state of salvation. The date is followed by the All souls' day. In accordance to the teachings of the Catolic Church, on the 2 of November we should commemorate all the deceased ones, reserving the 1st of November only for those who have been canonized. However, not many follow this rule and it has became very common to dedicate All Saints' Day to all people who passed away.

Without any doubt, dedicating those two days to the dead is a noble concept but for many it is an only time in which they recall their relatives and friends who died. Many treat it as an obligation to light a candle on a grave and forget the real meaning of this festivity. In fact, we should keep the memory of our beloved ones who passed away live in our hearts also during the rest of the year as, despite the fact of being dead, they continue to influence on who we are today.

piątek, 13 października 2017

My first work

Today I finished my first real work: for almost four months I collaborated with a company based in Poznań connected with video games market. My main task was to translate from polish to italian: as I study italian culture and language, it was a great opportunity to develop my italian language abilities. What is more, I gained a lot of experience concerning working in an office and from today's perspective I must admit it's not as easy as I have imagined it to be. Apart from 'tasks to do' there is a lot of paperwork that, in my opinion, is time-consuming and, in general, pointless. Thanks to that experience I now know that, no matter what, I am not to look for a work like this anymore. Spending eight hours in an office is a real challenge for me: when I work at home I prefer to divide my working time in smaller parts depending on how many things I have to do, think something over and go back to it later, go for a walk to relax, etc. I know many would say that eight hour workday is a great option, but not for me. My dream work is to work remotely, whenever and wherever I want.

poniedziałek, 29 maja 2017

Has something changed so far?

Yesterday I thought I should go back to what I wrote in January about my... New Year's resolutions! Yip, it's not an hallucination, I might be one of those never satisfyied people who think about this stuff in May. Let's see what were those things I decided to improve:

What is more, I would like to share with you some of my New Year resolutions:
1. To do more painting
2. To do more sport
3. To do more music
4. To focus less on my imperfections and to appreciate more myself
5. To study more.....
6. To spend less time online
7. To not complain about the weather
8. To be more spontaneous
 ( Jan 9th, 2017)

Thinking out loud I must admit that I managed to do most of this stuff so far! I remember complaining about weather in April but hey, who didn't! It was more than awful 😂. Anyway, there is still much to do but I feel okay with what I've done so far. I know I will have much more time to do all this stuff when this semester ends, can't wait for it. This year, in contrast to what happened in previous years, I hope to pass every exam in June. Fingers crossed! 😊
But I'm still not that spontaneous as I would like to be!
Oh, and I have studied more even though I didn't want that previously.. Good job, me!

niedziela, 28 maja 2017

Translating poetry

Today I decided to have some fun (?) and translate some italian poetry into english. Of course, there are many other ways you can have fun, real fun, but still.. I love challenges!
I have chosen a poem of a great romantic poet Giovanni Pascoli entitled Sogno (en. Dream). Here is original text followed by my clumsy translation (please don't judge me 😊):


Per un attimo fui nel mio villaggio,
nella mia casa. Nulla era mutato
Stanco tornavo, come da un vïaggio;
stanco, al mio padre, ai morti, ero tornato.

Sentivo una gran gioia, una gran pena;
una dolcezza ed un’angoscia muta.
– Mamma?-È là che ti scalda un po’ di cena-
Povera mamma! e lei, non l’ho veduta.


For a moment I was in my village,
in my house. Nothing has changed
I have been coming back tired, as if from a trip;
tired, to my father, to the dead, I was back.

I felt great joy, great sorrow
gentleness and mute distress.
–Mom? - She's over there, warming up some supper-
Poor mom! And she didn't see that.

piątek, 26 maja 2017

Mother's day in Poland

 💮🥀💮🥀 💮🥀💮🥀 💮🥀💮🥀 💮🥀💮🥀 💮🥀💮🥀 💮🥀💮🥀 💮🥀💮🥀

Happy Mother's Day to every mother! 😊😊
Today it is Mother's Day in Poland! It is a perfect occasion to reminiscent on our mothers and everything we can be grateful them for. In the streets I have seen many people carrying flowers or other gifts, and it made me think that even though we may have disagreements or arguments with our mothers, we never forget about them in days like this. We want them to feel special to us and to feel loved. And what makes a better occasion to give flowers and sweets to a women? Except for women's day - we are considering mothers only at the moment 😋

💮🥀💮🥀💮🥀💮🥀 💮🥀💮🥀 💮🥀💮🥀 💮🥀💮🥀 💮🥀💮🥀 💮🥀💮🥀