poniedziałek, 22 stycznia 2018

Studies in Poznań coming to an end

I know this post is very personal. But I also know not many will ever read it.

We are very close to the end of the first semester, and by the end of june I should graduate from my university. For this reason, I have been recenly reminisce on past events that took place in last 4.5 years.

I come from Gorzów Wielkopolski and in 2013 I moved to Poznań for my studies. I remember being very optimistic about starting this new stage in my life but in fact, now I look forward to it's end and can't wait to return home. Many consider studies the most beautiful and spontaneous time in everyone's life, for me - it has been rough. In this time, many things have happened and I learned a lot about myself. I have met many people who permamently changed my life, not only in a good way. And being separated from my parents and their protection, it was much more difficult to deal with adult life that, naturally, hit me hard. From the other hand, my parents have always been too protective and this is why my first steps into adulthood caused me so much stress.

All sumed up, I am very thankful for this time when I was given a chance of living the way I have always wanted to. I have learned a lot about myself.

poniedziałek, 15 stycznia 2018

Our new family member!

A few days ago we have adopted a kitten of 5 months and because we live in Łazarz we named her Łazanka. The name not only reminds of the quarter we live in but also is a type of pasta commonly used in polish cuisine. For all of these reasons, the name seemed very special and fancy for us. As a typical cat lady who has already raised many kittens I shouldn't be very surprised with her behavior. But I am. Despite my experience with cats, I don't always can stand her attacking my feet when I sleep or bite my fingers when being in a fun mood. Generally, she's a good kitten. Sometimes comes to sit on my lap, the other time lays down next to me on bed and purrs merrily. I truly adore these bonding moments with her. And any time we TRY to walk her on a leash (I think it's cruel never letting a cat have some fresh air) she knows I'm her momma and runs towards me whenever feels scared of something. For me, it's a true proof of cat's attachment to it's owner.

People think that kittens are nothing but little sweet balls of fur, but in fact kittenhood is the most challenging time for each cat owner. Time passing by, these animals become much more calmer but being honest - none adult cat I have ever had has been emotionally stable. So whenever you think about adopting a cat - think it through.

wtorek, 5 grudnia 2017

A one day trip to Wrocław

Today I have visited Wrocław again. It has been around four or five weeks since I have been there last time: you can read about it in one of my previous posts. This time I came here with my boyfriend to merely hang out and on the occasion we visited the old square, where we had a dinner and took some pictures to capture this moment. Some of them have been taken with GoPro; in a post about Sky Walk trip I also attached a photo made this way. I think it is a alternative for those who are bored with simple photos made with a manual camera or with a cellphone.
From my perspective Wrocław is one of the most beautiful polish cities and I know many will share this opinion. Not only the old town and old square are very picturesque but it's newer parts are well-cared and harmonious. Not mentioning about Wrocław's railway station which, renovated a couple years ago, is particularly impressive. This entire city seems to be a great place to live and work. I have been living in Poznań for almost five years now and now I definitely feel tired of it. Maybe in the future I will think about moving to Wrocław because, from what I've heard, there is a lot of work connected with my education. In fact, there are lot's of italians living in this city.

czwartek, 30 listopada 2017

On a concert

As I mentioned some time ago, I play the bass guitar and some other musical instruments. For this reason I have many friends who also play musical instruments or sing: yesterday a few of them played a concert in a  music club in Poznań 'Pod Minogą'. It is always a nice experience to watch your friends perform on a stage and create something altogether new. Composing music is not an easy thing and, being myself a musician, I appreciate the enormous amount of work they have done and I can easily imagine all the difficulties they have had to face.
Coming directly to the point, two bands from Poznań have taken part in a gig: Headwind and Sunstripes. Both of them are rock bands but the music played by Headwind may be definied as heavy metal and the genre of music created by Sunstripes is alternative rock. As you can guess, the gig was very loud and there was no space for delicate vocals or gentle guitar playing. I must admit I am not the biggest fan of this kind of music but, as I said before, I have had a really great time watching my friends play and enjoying their public. Anyway, I finally had an occasion to reunite with some of my friends I haven't seen for a long time.
I put a link to my Instagram account where you can watch a fragment of Sunstripes gig:

niedziela, 12 listopada 2017

Sky Walk

Recently I have been to a very special place called Stezka w oblacich (in english Sky Walk) which is a lookout point situated in Lower Morava in Czech Republic. The construction is all made of wood and metal and reaches the hight of 1171m above sea level (being located on a 1116m high hill). From my experience, it's best to visit this place during the spring or the summer. As I have been there in the november, the weather was rather harsh: there was a strong, cold wind. Even though, the wievs were still beautiful: at least the fog wasn't very dense so we could admire the Lower Morava Valley without any obstacles. I would certainly recommend this place to those who love the mountains but do not have enought willpower to reach the top of a mountain: the Sky Walk is easily accessible; there is a cable railway leading directly to the hilltop.

sobota, 4 listopada 2017

My master's thesis

Today I would like to tell about my master's thesis subject as, in my opinion, it is a very unusual thing. The tittle reads as follow: 'Language of videogamers'. I have chosen this subject because videogaming is my hobby; especially when I was younger I used to play a lot - now I have less time that I could dedicate for it.

In this work I would like to analyze the way of speaking and writing of people who play videogames, such as League of Legends, Warcraft, etc. In summary, I will describe the mecanics of games I am taking into consideration, make a transcription of some videos on Youtube showing people playing these games in multiplayer mode, analyze articles written by videogamers about gaming strategies, giving advices for begginers and reviewing new games on market, and much more.

Obviously, the work will be all written in Italian and, what is more, will concern the language of videogamers coming from Italy.

There is a lot of things to do, and being honest, I haven't started yet. I hope to have my masters thesis's discussion in June or July. Wish me luck! :-)

poniedziałek, 30 października 2017

All Saints' Day in Poland

All Saints' Day in Poland is celebrated on the 1 of November. Because it is a non-working day, many people spend it going to cemeteries and, in general, commemorating their beloved ones who passed away. There is an universal practice consisting in lighting candles on graves, which, accordingly to what is said, are to bring relief to the dead. The festivity is strongly connected with Christian faith and was first introduced to honor every Christian that reached the state of salvation. The date is followed by the All souls' day. In accordance to the teachings of the Catolic Church, on the 2 of November we should commemorate all the deceased ones, reserving the 1st of November only for those who have been canonized. However, not many follow this rule and it has became very common to dedicate All Saints' Day to all people who passed away.

Without any doubt, dedicating those two days to the dead is a noble concept but for many it is an only time in which they recall their relatives and friends who died. Many treat it as an obligation to light a candle on a grave and forget the real meaning of this festivity. In fact, we should keep the memory of our beloved ones who passed away live in our hearts also during the rest of the year as, despite the fact of being dead, they continue to influence on who we are today.